Our Family & Mission


 Our Family & Mission Emblem


We have chosen the Koru Cross as a representation of our faith, family and journey.

The Koru Cross demonstrates the fronds of the Silver Fern Tree slowing unfurling in the sunlight of New Zealand’s untouched forests.

The Koru Cross is often used in Māori art in New Zealand; symbolizing new life, growth and strength.

It is because of Christ’s sacrifice for us on the cross we are able to have new life; growing in wisdom and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ, and through His strength we can endure life’s challenges.


Our Family


TJ & Lane were married in 2011 and Vivienne joined them in 2013.

In April 2016 when they gave their first full “yes” to The LORD, responding to His prompting to sell their home and property in Ohio and move onto a sailboat.

The road has been long, difficult and full of growth spiritually, emotionally and relationally, and they are excited to be moving forward in their full calling as missionaries to Belize; leaving Charleston, S.C. in December 2018 to begin the journey sailing toward Central America.

TJ is a Merchant Mariner by trade, and Lane is in process to become a Certified Biblical Counselor through the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors, having received her Master of Social Work in 2013 from the University of South Carolina.

They are sailing with their two beloved dogs they simply could not leave behind,
a poodle named Missi, and a mixed-breed rescue, Kai.


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