What happens when you take a closer look at the word impossible?

The Great I AM.

Think about all this for a moment:

So often in life we face what we deem are impossible situations; perhaps in our finances, career, family, or health. Maybe you lose a job, which impacts your finances and your family. Or maybe you go to the doctor thinking something small only to find out you have a complex medical diagnosis that then impacts your family, finances, and even your career. Too often it seems when one thing goes awry in our plans, more things go with it until the weight piles on and we break. We fall to our knees and cry out that this is all impossible. Our lives are impossible.  

But it isn’t impossible. Our lives are not impossible. We most certainly get given more than we can handle in this life. You read that right: we are given more than we can handle because it brings us to our knees and makes us give the weights we have been carrying up to our Heavenly Father. The weights that broke us and made us cry out in anguish that this life feels impossible is because we were never meant to carry those weights in the first place.

We have a Father who loves us and wants to lift those weights from our shoulders but instead we put them in a rucksack too large to carry and try to press forward all the while deeming this is impossible.

When we give the impossible things of this life to God, the entire word becomes re-written to say, I’m Possible. Maybe there are people who take word “impossible” and truly believe they are possible on their own; however, if we take “I’m possible” on step further we get the following:

In Exodus 3:14 we read, “I AM who I AM. Say this to the people of Israel: I AM has sent me to you.”  

Taking “I’m possible” one step further, it becomes I Am Possible.  

I AM Possible literally translates to GOD [is] Possible.

The word “impossible” suddenly doesn’t feel so impossible when we look at it through a biblical lens. Rather, when we give the impossible weights to God the word changes and His name is revealed. God’s name is written right in the word! Nothing is impossible for God because His name is “Possible” when written in the “I’m possible” context.

Praise God for the impossible situations. Praise Him because they are possible when we add Him in and allow Him to carry the weights we have been trying to hold. Praise Him because when the impossible situations come our way it gives us the chance to grow in our trust of His mighty hand and look to His plan, not our own. He doesn’t want us to carry the weight on our own, He wants to turn our impossible life situations into His miracle-working possible situations, all while strengthening our hearts and faith in the process.

Impossible situations are difficult. They often alter the course of our lives here on Earth and change the future we saw for ourselves; but in the midst of the impossible, we are given the chance to increase our faith by leaning into the trusting arms of our Father and allowing him to take our rucksack of rocks to make them into another one of His beautiful miracle-laced masterpieces.

Give up the rocks. Let Him turn your “impossible” into “I AM possible.”         


One thought on “Impossible

  1. Lane you have great discernment and attitude may it continue to support and build you up. You all are in our prayers.


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