The Boat

a detailed description of our vessel

Our boat is our home.  
She floats and travels anywhere we want to sail.
God calls and we go.

Fountaine Pajot Tobago 35 Catamaran

Fountaine Pajot catamarans are a product of France and ours has been afloat since 1997. Boasting a spacious salon area when you first step inside, Te Whakapono is our home. The galley-up design (versus being located in one of the hulls) was a selling point for us, as we like the family time cooking meals together provides. Each of the three cabins is equipped with a full size bed and storage below. The guest cabin, also used as an office and family room, offers a ample shelving space.  Outside the cockpit is spacious enough for our family and a few guests and offers an outdoor shower; while the deck-space, complete with trampoline, provides plenty of play area for Vivienne and the dogs.

Te Whakapono (Tay Vah-ka-poh-no) means “Faith” in the Maori tribal language.  We chose it as a nod to where catamarans originated (Polynesian islands) and because we hope to sail to New Zealand, where TJ once worked and learned about the Maori people, as a family.

She may have a new name but Te Whakapono is every bit as beautiful as she was in this photo.


How she looks out of the water

The Layout




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