51 Hours

God’s Perfect Plan

Fifty-one hours.
That is all it took for our house to officially go up for sale and for an offer to be made.
Fifty-one hours.


In many ways we can’t believe an offer came so quickly, our house closed on time and the whole process went relatively smoothly, or that this is the LAST post that will ever be made from this house.  We officially sold our house on April 18th and now we are moving forward with this journey.  God is always faithful and we have seen His hand in everything we have done regarding this move and this is no exception.  God’s timing is, as always, perfect.  So even though we were surprised it only took two showings, ultimately we are on His time table and this is all HIS plan.  Looking around the basement I see piles of things to toss, laundry waiting to be folded, and it doesn’t feel too different from the norm while we lived here…except tonight is our last night in this house.  Tomorrow means scrambling to really get everything  put in its proper place before loading it onto a Uhaul Friday.  Unbelievable.


In so many ways it seems as if everything happened so fast; the offer, the inspection, the closing…everything.  However, we know it is all God because we really only had one snag and it was resolved within a few days and many people lifting the issue in prayer.   We couldn’t have asked for a better home sale.  I have to give a shoutout to our realtor, Todd, from Richwood Realty.  A true man of faith who asked us to pray over the uncertainty and a man who prayed with us.  Working with a Christian realtor who puts God first in all he does made it so much easier for us to give the whole process to God and trust everything Todd told us to do too.  Thanks, Todd!  If we ever decide to buy a house again we wish we could just fly him to be our realtor wherever that might be!

This week has been spent reminiscing about the things that happened while we lived in this house and the things we will miss about this area in general.  Monday night was Vivienne’s last night in the house and Tuesday morning when we woke up we could hear an approaching Amish buggy.  Vivienne ran to the window to watch the horse go by; we will miss that about this house.  Amish.  I grew up with the buggies going by on a daily basis and the entire time we lived in this house Vivienne was able to experience that as well.  She loved to run to the windows and watch them go by…while the dogs went nuts barking at them.


Of course I am going to miss my family–Vivienne will miss my family and my step-brother’s daughter who is a year older than her.  Vivienne and MirMir play together at least once a week and I know they will miss one another.  It has been fun watching them develop a little friendship and I know it will be a special treat when they get to see each other and play together when we visit Ohio.  Even today they went to the zoo together and were able to play all day.  In some ways my heart breaks that we are taking Vivienne away from her first real friend, but I know she will make friends wherever we are and that first friend will always hold a special place.


We are giving up yet another small group of friends who share our faith.   Our little “college age” Bible study group has shared some laughs, serious joys, and they have prayed with us every step on the way on this move.  Aside from our small group friends are the other friends we have made along the way, like our neighbor who let me go in her chicken coop and get eggs when I ran out and didn’t have time (or the desire) to drive 15 minutes to the store for three eggs.  My Army soulmate lives here.  We met in training in 2008 and have been friends ever since; even our husbands hit it off!  However, I know they will come visit the Caribbean….right, Soulmate?  I made friends while in eating disorder treatment in Columbus that will certainly be lifelong and I am sad to be leaving them.  While I look forward to seeing them when we visit Ohio, and I know one is already planning to take time off work to visit the islands for my 30th birthday, I will miss seeing them on a regular basis. I will especially miss my bi-weekly lunch date with one of them.  Now taking applications for a friend in Charleston to dine with every other week for a baby-free lunch…

While there are several things about which we are sad, we are also looking forward to so many new things.  We get to go on this amazing adventure as a family and we get to live out a big dream before we are 30!  I am going to learn to sail.  Let me tell you, after I went to Charleston a few weeks ago to look at and sea trial a Beneteau Oceanis 440, I am hooked.  Once we cut the engine and were fully under sail I was addicted and wanted more.  I wish I could count the number of times people have told us, “Oh we talked about living in the Caribbean but never did.  Maybe when the kids are out of college…” and we are excited that won’t be us.  We are going to be living our dreams and our daughter gets to live them with us.  Once we arrive in Charleston, Vivienne will get to spend more time with TJ’s family than ever before.  Both of his parents still work full-time and are unable to travel to see us as often as they would like for the next several months we will be right there and they can form lasting bonds with Vivienne.  I’m excited to see her relationship grow with them since she has such strong bonds with my parents.  So many new experiences are coming our way that it is easy to be excited and not spend time being too sad about the things we will miss about Ohio.


This journey is certainly putting our faith to the test, especially now because we are preparing to leave Ohio Saturday and do not yet have a sailboat home.

I’ve never had this much uncertainty in my life, and yet I am strangely calm about the whole thing.

I know the timing will line up for the sailboat when it is supposed to.  We have been on God’s timing with this whole home selling process and the sailboat buying process isn’t any different.  God has this covered.  God has us covered.  All we have to do is patiently wait and pray for His guidance and direction.

Par la Foi,
The McKelveys

~~All things are possible for those who believe. -Mark 9:23~~


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