Roots and Wings

There are root people and there are wing people.  You are a wing person.
-Larissa Stover


My sister told me the quotation at the top of this page when I was 22 years old and she was just fifteen.  I had graduated college and made the decision to move South and felt guilty about my decision because I knew my mom was sad.  Larissa, even though she was young, knew just what to say and it has stayed with me ever since.  I would say she knew me pretty well, even back then.  What Larissa didn’t predict was I would marry a man who was also a wing person; perhaps even more than I am.

“You can have roots and wings//You can have everything//You can know where you’re from, and still wanna fly…”  


As I’ve stated in other posts, leaving this place will be difficult.  While it will not be difficult to leave the cold, snow, and moderate summers behind, it will be difficult to leave our families.  At the present time, we are in close physical proximity to my family and within a day’s drive of TJ’s family.  However, TJ and I are wing people and it would seem Vivienne has inherited our need for adventure.  Since we have been married we have only stayed in one location two years, tops.  Our current home will be our longest with two-and-a-half years by the time we put it on the market in the spring.  (If you know anyone looking for a country house in central Ohio please let us know!)  We yearn for adventure, more than just a week vacation here and there, and need to move to our next location.  I truly believe our adventures are God-led due to the people we are able to meet and be around in our locations.


The song I have chosen to accompany this post is one that is very dear to me, as it could be the theme song to our life as a married couple.  TJ and I have roots and wings.  While we greatly enjoy traveling and living in new places to fully experience the culture and life style of the area, we never forget where we are from: our roots.  Our roots are very different, which is another reason why we are looking to move to a completely new location for Vivienne to have her roots firmly planted.  Anyone who knows the history of the U.S. knows there are vast differences between the Northern states and the Southern states.  A Yankee from the farmland of Ohio, I was brought up differently than my Lowcountry born and raised husband of Charleston, South Carolina.  While we intend to blend our upbringings to raise Vivienne, mixing what we consider to be the best parts of each, we need a neutral location to do this.  South Carolina is not neutral, even though when we lived there we lived in the Midlands (Columbia), not the Lowcountry.  Ohio is also not neutral, especially not when we only live 15 minutes from the house in which I grew up and the farmland my mother’s family still works.  This is why we believe God gave TJ a prophetic dream many years ago and planted the seed for our journey to take us to a new location: the islands.


Shortly after we were married TJ had a dream that rattled me; he dreamed about this very move with great detail.  He called me one morning, as he was away at work, to tell me about it. TJ dreamed about our home in Columbia; we had two little sapling trees that we tried to plant but they would not grow.  No matter what we did the trees would not thrive.  So we moved with our little sapling trees to Ohio, which at the time wasn’t even on our radar (neither were the little trees), to replant the trees.  Again, the little trees would not thrive with any amount of nurturing.  Once again TJ and I dug up the little saplings and moved, this time to a far away destination that we could not identify.  TJ said we crossed large bodies of water and it was a great distance to where we replanted the saplings again.  This time, the saplings took and began to thrive.  He woke up and said he knew we would move two more times and the last time would be where God really wanted us.  Of course I was upset and cried because I didn’t want to move to Ohio and I definitely didn’t want to move again to another location if we moved to Ohio.   However, here we are, four years later preparing to move the great distance to our new location where (we hope) Vivienne will thrive.  We feel called.


While this move is most certainly hard on our families, especially mine as they are accustomed to seeing Vivienne several times each week, we know it is the right choice for our family.  We cannot ignore the signs that God keeps showing us now or the dream TJ had years ago.  This is how I know while we are wing people we also have roots.  We won’t forget our roots, we are going to take them with us to blend, but we also need our wings to fly and raise our daughter in a location where we feel will be best for our entire family.  Vivienne will have roots and wings.  She will have her own location to call home but she will have wings because we will teach her to fly.

We ask for your continued prayers as we prepare for this journey.  We ask that God help us keep our roots at heart during this relocation.
You cannot know where you are going unless you know where you are from.

40° 34′ 38″ N, 83° 22′ 57″ W
32° 45′ 48″ N, 79° 50′ 16″ W
34° 2′ 21″ N, 80° 49′ 20″ W
17° 44′ 23″ N, 64° 44′ 20″ W

Par la Foi,
The McKelveys

~~~All things are possible for those who believe. -Mark 9:23~~~

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